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Welcome to Adanna Women’s Support Group (AWSG) Women’s Forum.  Below are some of the issues and projects which affect women and which we are involved in.


In 2011/12 there were a total of 1,718 Domestic violence (DV) crimes reported to the police. Barking and Dagenham continues to have the highest DV reported incident rate in London. Statistics show even though Barking and Dagenham has a high rate of DV offenses, it’s been discovered that 40% of reported court cases resulted in unsuccessful prosecution.

It is not suggested that black women or ethnic minority groups are more at risk from DV but the types of torments they suffer varies amongst diverse cultures. For example the abuse could be exacerbated by extended family members, honour based marriages, Witchcraft, Female genital mutilation, Unemployment/immigration status and poverty. These abuses are prevalent among ethnic minority women.


Female genital mutilation (FGM) is also known as female circumcision or female genital cutting and in practising communities by local terms such as 'tahor' or 'sunna'. It is a form of child abuse which can have devastating physical and psychological consequences for girls and women. FGM is usually carried out on girls between infancy and 15 years of age, with the majority of cases occurring between the 5 and 8 years of age (HM Government, 2011). Because of the hidden nature of the crime, it is difficult to estimate FGM's prevalence, but a study based on 2001 census data in England and Wales estimated that 23,000 girls under the age of 15 years could be at risk of FGM each year and nearly 66,000 women are living with its consequences. FGM could be even more prevalent than these figures suggest due to population growth and immigration from practising countries since 2001 (HM Government, 2011). This practice causes long term health and psychological issues for the women involved.


An 'honor' code are a set of 'moral' rules for family or community members, established at the discretion of relatives, usually males and interpreted accordingly. Breaking such rules can be seen to violate family honor, and violence is seen as the necessary way to rectify social dignity. The principle of family 'honor' is sometimes used to explain violence and murder between family members. When a child has breached a code of family honor, through actual or perceived immoral behaviour, the shame caused is often dealt with by establishing family consensus on the punishment of the family member. This practice results in many deaths, but such brutality is often hidden or goes undetected since such 'disappearances' are not declared. Similarly, the fear experienced by the victim often ensures silence. Most honor based violence is perpetrated by husbands against wives, and fathers against daughters.


Children are usually the victims of witchcraft/spirit possession. When abuses occur it can be physical, sexual or emotional. Accusations most times result in the neglect of the child and death in extreme cases. Most of the abuse will occur in the home and place of worship where exorcism takes place.

AWSG as a support group is helping local authorities reach out to the women involved in these practices through faith organisations, monthly meetings, one 2 one basis and schools to re-educate them on the negative impact and educating them on how to be empowered to stop unjustifiable violence in the name of culture or religion. By so doing we cut down the number of people who have been brainwashed by false cultural and religious codes and practices over the years and hold perpetrators accountable.

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